Safeguard your property

83% of the burglars DO NOT attempt a break-in if they know that the property is secured by an active Security Alarm System.

7” Touch Screen

Operate your alarm system with user friendly interface on a 7-inch touch screen pad.

Touchless Disarming

Our security alarm system has smart features such as touchless disarming.

Glass Break Sensor

Our alarm system has a built-in glass break sensor to secure you from any glass break entry by an intruder.

Flood Detection

Get flood notifications on your phone in real-time and save yourself thousands of dollars of repair.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Our Carbon Monoxide Detectors are the fastest way to present CO poisoning, which is knows as the “silent killer”.

Smart-Home Ready

Turn your Home into a Smart-Home with our Smart Alarm System. Control lights, door locks, music, thermostat, and other equipment from phone app.

Professional Installation

Our certified technicians and installers carry out the job with high degree of professionalism.

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