Human & Vehicle Detection

Our Smart Video Monitoring System detects Humans as well as Vehicles with high accuracy in all weather conditions, day & night.

Maximum Protection

Maximize the security of your site by securing all areas of the site simultaneously

Best Police Response

 On any intrusion, our system is designed for quick reaction to inform the police with video evidence of an intrusion, which results in reducing police response time significantly.

24/7 Recording

All activities at the site are recorded continuously 24/7.

All Weather

Our robust system is designed to work efficiently irrespective of extreme rough weather conditions throughout the year.

Guard Response

In case of any contingency, quick guard response service is readily available.

Well- Trained Operators

Our watch guards are fully trained to react sharply in all situations whatsoever.

Cost Saving

Save up to 60% on site security with our remote video monitoring services.

Flat Monthly Cost

The flat monthly charges of our services would save your precious time spend otherwise on lengthy hours calculation.

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