Know who is at the door

Apparently, the main purpose and usage of the video doorbell camera is to resolve who is at the door. The camera feed allows you to develop a more concise overview such as HD picture quality as well as Ultra wide angle lens for maximum coverage.

Answer your door from anywhere

Even if you are away, you are not going to miss out on any of the visitors since you can easily answer the video doorbell from your smartphone. You will get the alert and you can view the live video stream of the person knocking at your door. You can have a conversation with them using the bell’s speaker and microphone.

Speak to visitors without opening door

The wireless video doorbell permit you to oversee who is visiting you. It offers two-way communications to both parties while adding a lot more security.

In case of a stranger, it will be a lot safer to open the door to someone if you know they are safe to know. By adding the smartphone connections feature, you can focus on the visitor and decide if you are going to open the door. You can answer the video doorbell even if you are away. You can either send them away or let them come in.

While being aware of the fact that you are already alone, you cannot let the person outside know that you are alone if you are operating the doorbell using the video doorbell services

See who came by when you were gone

You can check the video log as well as the photos of the peel who rang your doorbell to see who stopped by to visit you.

Avoid delivery waits

You can avoid the unnecessary delivery claims of the delivery guys by attending the door as soon as they pop up on your door. It is useful for the unattended deliveries as well. Get you package delivered at your doorstep this way.

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