New construction

Building a new home is exciting. Getting the right prewiring done is one of the most important parts of the home building. The imagination of what to prewire might keep you awake at nights. This is where we will be aiding you in the best manner. The home can be conducted with all the cutting edge technology but they will only work if the home is perfectly prewired to perfection. We will prewire your home in the best manner as per your current requirements as well as for future technologies.

The main types of the prewiring services we offer in case of a newly built home and commercial building are as follows:

  • Security Alarm
  • Security Cameras
  • Video Doorbell/ Intercom
  • Wired Internet
  • Wi-Fi Video
  • Motorized Shades
  • Home Theatre
  • Multi room audio
  • Smart Home

Service Providers

  • Satellite Prewire will allow to minimize the wrapping of the home in Satellite company staples. The Sat Prewires will lead to the nearest Satellite location.
  • Satellite Internet will be the wires set up in the attic or soffit for effective Satellite Internet.
  • Satellite Heaters will allow you to keep warm while running on the low voltage wire.
  • Cell Booster will be prewired for better cell phone service.


  • TVs can be prewired with the RG6 for cable/satellite.
  • Projectors will be prewired as well for having a good HDMI experience.
  • Video Distribution will be prewired as well.

Home Audio

Listen to what you want to listen any time. You can avail the best audio quality right from your home. You don’t need heavy speakers with ear busting bass to make a party when you have the multi-room audio to do that for you. You can get the prewiring for this service as well.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras are a must have for the security of your homes. You need to prewire the beefier you formally move in. you can use the wireless cameras which will need power. But the cable options are also available for it, but with few exceptions wireless cameras still need power.

If you’re going to run a cable for power anyway, it makes sense to run a Cat6. You can hardline it into the network, and send it power over the same wire.

Home Security

With Home Security, the company will be prewiring the keypads for power. It will allow the keypad to be installed with clear concept and negate the usage of the power adapters. The smaller homes will be effective installed with the wireless sensors. A large home may have to face the issue of the connectivity and wireless rang. The prewiring will cover these issues.

Network & Wi-Fi

Hardwired Network – Wi-Fi will be an asset for your home it will allow you to have a seamless internet connection without any lag in the communication. You can get the appliances like TV, Blu-Ray, Apple TV, Printer, etc. on the hardwiring into the Network while connecting with the Wi-Fi Hotspots.


The Motorizing of the windows allow you to automate your home and the heat and the light that comes in it. The motorized blinds will allow you to modify the window treatments using a single button from home as well as remotely. They will be prewired to perfection.

Surround Sound – Primary & Secondary

You can do the prewiring for Secondary Surrounds for effective speaker volume in your bigger rooms.

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