Commercial Safeguard your family

Nothing is more important than protecting your family. The best feature to install in your home for your family’s security is the alarm system which will aid you in protecting your family from any criminal intrusion in your home. The alarm system will trigger an immediate warning if any attempt of vandalism or break in is made on your property.

Repellent to the burglars

An alarm system coupled with a sticker and yard sign will repel all the criminals away from your property. As per the UNC Charlotte study, it has been established that more than 83% of the burglars do not attempt a break in if they know that the property is secured by Alarm system.

Check-in on the family

Alarm systems will give you a lot of peace of mind. It gives more confidence to the family and to you as well. You can easily take lengthy vacations while leaving everything home. You can easily work late while having a home alarm system.

If you are aiming to maximize your security, Alarm Avenue will put you in touch with our experts. The years of expertise, security and protection will bring you a stress free life.

Cut down home insurance premiums

The home-owners insurance corporations offer a premium discounts if you have a proficiently supervised security system settled. Although, it might shield the price of a professional system, it will aid you in making it reasonable in the long run. Alongside that, having the video investigation and the video footage will aid you in filing insurance claims.

Battery backup so the system will work if the power goes down

  • The belongings will be safeguarded in the instance of power outrages
  • Numerous thieves slice electric wires before breaking-in.

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